2013 Advent Reading Plan

This Sunday (December 1) begins a season in the church known as Advent. Advent is both a beginning and an end to the Church’s pilgrimage through the life of Christ. It is a time to recall the world’s expectation and longing for the first coming of Jesus Christ into our humanity, and a time to anticipate his second coming in final victory.

Each Advent, I commit myself to reading large sections of scripture in order to immerse myself in the Christ narrative. In the past, I have focused solely upon the New Testament for my reading plan. This year, I have decided to take a different approach. As you will see below, my reading plan this year still includes all four Gospel accounts as well as the New Testament books of Hebrews and Revelation. To these sections of scripture, I have also added Old Testament readings – the book of Genesis, part of Exodus, and readings from the prophets Isaiah, Zephaniah, and Malachi.*

Admittedly, the reading plan is quite intense as it commits to large portions of scripture each day, but I do believe that each day’s reading can be done in about a half an hour. Also, committing to reading such large portions of scripture can be quite formational if you allow it to be.

Please prayerfully consider whether or not you would like to join me in this scriptural journey over Advent! May our remembrance and anticipation this season bring us deeper into the life of God, shaping us as his people to prepare the way for his Kingdom.





Sunday, Dec 1

Genesis 1-9


Monday, Dec 2

Genesis 10-25


Tuesday, Dec 3

Genesis 26-36


Wednesday, Dec 4

Genesis 37-50


Thursday, Dec 5

Exodus 1-6


Friday, Dec 6

Exodus 7-15


Saturday, Dec 7

Isaiah 1-12


Sunday, Dec 8

Isaiah 13-27


Monday, Dec 9

Isaiah 28-39


Tuesday, Dec 10

Isaiah 40-55


Wednesday, Dec 11

Isaiah 56-66


Thursday, Dec 12



Friday, Dec 13



Saturday, Dec 14

Matthew 1-15


Sunday, Dec 15

Mathew 16-28


Monday, Dec 16

Mark 1 – 11


Tuesday, Dec 17

Mark 12 – 16


Wednesday, Dec 18



Thursday, Dec 19

Luke 19-24


Friday, Dec 20

John 1-8


Saturday, Dec 21

John 9-21


Sunday, Dec 22



Monday, Dec 23

Revelation 1 – 11


Tuesday, Dec 24

Revelation 12 – 22

*It was quite tough to choose what to include and what to exclude in this plan. If you join me in reading through the plan this year, I would love to hear your reflections on ways it could be adapted for the future.

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About jonathanapowers

Jonathan serves with his wife, Faith, as the director of student ministries for World Gospel Mission at Asbury University, where he is also an adjunct professor of Worship Arts. He recently received his doctorate in worship studies from the Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies in Orange Park, FL. Jonathan serves as the worship pastor for the Offerings Community of First United Methodist Church in Lexington, KY and is the co-author with Jason Jackson and Teddy Ray of Echo: A Catechism for Discipleship in the Ancient Tradition published by Seedbed.

4 responses to “2013 Advent Reading Plan”

  1. Awit Cachola- Castillo says :

    I will follow this reading plan. Thanks for sharing this .

  2. Tori Moore says :

    Just finished the reading this and am so blessed by it! I know it is no simple task to determine what to include in this plan but God’s Word is so rich that every selection brings hope and promise. What a wonderful gift that is! Thank you for another opportunity to read and reflect this year. It truly brings much more joy to my Christmas. I pray that God continues to bless you with the incredible gifts you have to teach and to share His Word. Merry Christmas to you and Faith and God’s grace to you in 2014!!! I love you both!

    • jonathanapowers says :

      Thanks, Tori! I always find these readings to be great preparation for Christmas as well. I’m very thankful for those who join me in going thorough the reading plans. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas as well! Love you too!

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